Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Review: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

Title: The Faerie Ring
Series/Sequel? The first in The Faerie Ring Series, followed by Torn Wing
Author: Kiki Hamilton
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction, Paranormal/Fantasy
Age Level: YA (12-18)
Page Count: 343
Summary: The year is 1871, and sixteen-year-old Tiki is a female orphan masquerading as a boy. She finds it easier that way to pickpocket those in Charing Cross, a busy train station in her native England. Though she knows her well-to-do parents - if they were still alive - would hate her stealing, but she's good at it, and she has no choice if she's to keep alive her "family", four other orphans who live in Charing Cross with her.
But when Tiki accidentally finds herself in Buckingham Palace, and the queen's ring drops at her feet... it would be enough to make sure Tiki's family never went hungry again.
But the ring isn't all it seems. It it the ring of truce, which prevents the fey from going to all-out war with humans and the people of England. But the faeries are stirring, restless to break the truce and go to war... something they can only do with the ring in their possession.

Review: This book got off to a slow start. Maybe because I've heard so much about it, and was expecting more, but for the first hundred pages or so, I wasn't to certain I would manage to finish it. But then it began picking up... things started happening... and I turned out to really enjoy it.

I loved Rieker. I might just have to add him to the list of imaginary characters I'm in love with (...ahem...). I loved how he knew what was going on, and did his best to try and protect everyone - specifically, Tiki. I loved how he had secrets, how he wasn't who you thought he was. I loved how his attitude and personality didn't really change, even after Tiki found out who he was, after he revealed himself to her. He was, hands down, my favorite character.

Tiki I liked as well, though her name bothered and distracted me. I mean, Tiki? Really? I understand it's a nickname and all, but... every time I had to read it, I was pulled out of the story just thinking about her name. I know I don't have much room to talk (the main character's name in the novel I'm writing is Astra) but... it just distracted me from the story.

That being said, I liked her as a character. I liked how protective she was of her family, especially of Clara. I liked how she was compassionate enough to take Toots (another weird name) and Clara under her wing, even though it would mean more pickpocketing and less food for everyone all around. I liked, as well, how she was a three-dimensional character, how she had insecurities and fears.

The plot, as I said before, was like a train: starting out slow, but growing faster and faster as the story progressed.

This story was written in third person. Though I'm not a particularly bug fan of third person, it fit this particular story well, as third person was needed to tell all sides of the story. First person wouldn't have worked.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this novel. If I see the sequel, Torn Wing, in my library, I will be sure to check it out!


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