Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review: Starstruck

Sequel? No
Author: Cyn Balog
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Level: Young Adult
Pages: 244
Summary: Gwendolyn Reilly has nothing going for her. Her boyfriend/best friend Wish moved away years ago, she was stuck working at her family's bakery over the summer, her younger sister Evie seems to have inherited all the good genes, and "Dough" weighs about fifty thousand pounds. She's sure that junior year will be just as horrible as her entire school experience since junior high - everyone ignoring her, or only talking to her to tell a fat joke that she's the butt of. Joy.
But then Wish sends her an email, saying that he's moving back from L.A. Great, right? Except, Dough has put on seventy pounds since they saw each other last - and judging by his Facebook photos, he's become a Greek god. Sure that she'll become single the moment he lays eyes on her, she avoids him as long as possible. But when they finally do meet, something strange happens: Wish looks at her as if she's just as gorgeous.
But Wish seems... changed. He wears black all the time, loves the sun and becomes nervous when it rains. Christian, a new employee at the bakery, claims that Wish is Luminati, part of an ancient astrology cult that can influence their lives using the stars.
Is Christian right? Is Wish still Wish? Or is he starstruck?

Review: All right, I think Cyn Balog is one of my new favorite authors.  I read Sleepless by her and loved it, and this book is just as awesome.

It has a gorgeous guy, a new magic I've never heard of before (which is like saying there's a Santa whose never had a beard), and a down-to-earth, somewhat-sarcastic heroine, who goes through many of the same problems we experience everyday. Underlying it is a life lesson we've heard time and time again, though for the most part, it's not really getting to us: it's what's on the inside, not the outside that counts.


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