Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Review: I Will Save You by Matt de la Pena

Title: I Will Save You
Series? No
Author: Micheal de la Pena
Genres: Realistic Fiction, Hard Topics
Age Level: YA (13-18)
Summary: Kidd has nothing and no one. Having run away from his therapy home, he works at a campsite repairing things. There he meets Olivia, whose his exact opposite - blond haired, blue eyed, and rich. Kidd loves Olivia, and Olivia may feel the same. But how can they be together when Kidd's ex-best friend Devon, who has a death drive and hates the white and the rich, is coming back for Kidd? Because Devon's not leaving until he teaches Kidd some things about life and death and who we are.

Review: Okay, so I had to read this book for a book group at my library. We only have to read fifty pages of a book if we don't like it, and I normally abide by that rule, because I don't really like a lot of books we read. Originally reading the summary for this, I was not too excited. Even reading it, I didn't really get to excited or caught up in it. 

This book is very serious, and isn't for the type of people (mostly girls, I will admit) who like the nice, fluffy, cute stuff. Kidd has to deal with a lot of serious, horrible things in his life. Other characters have problems - major problems, not love-triangle-like problems - but Kidd probably has it the worst. This is one of the type of books that sends shivers up your spine while reading it. Not because it's a creepy mystery or haunted house, but because the things that happen to the characters, the things they have to go through, the way they react and deal with these problems, is so... commonplace... that you can't help thinking What if that happened to me? Because unlike paranormal/dystopian/fantasy books, you know that it could happen to you. It may even be considered normal or predictable if these things happened to you.

I didn't like how this book was set up. Kidd kind of jumps around in his storytelling, and the beginning of the book is really the end of the story. It was hard to read, because it normally took for me to get halfway through the particular story he was telling at that time for me to understand what was happening. And I found that really annoying. 

This is one of those type of books that if you read it, you have to read it all, the entire thing. And once you finish it, you think That was a complete waste of my time. It's not until a couple of hours or even days later that you realize it was actually a really insightful, interesting book. And it wasn't such a waste of your time after all.




  1. Okay, so I had to read this book for my schools summer reading project. Originally reading the summary for this, I was not too excited. But when i started reading it I couldnt stop. I only had read only fifty pages of a book and I loved it. It a good book for high schoolers to read.

    1. I agree, it was good but make sure to read the whole book and read the ending VERY CAREFULLY or else the book will seem confusing and frustrating....but if you pay attention you should be fine

  2. I have to read it for school but I was debating if I should read it or not. Thanks to that wonderful summary I will read it.


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