Saturday, February 18, 2012

Modern Day Chivalry

Maybe I've been reading to much YA paranormal romance, but I've been thinking a lot about how no guys anymore understand chivalry. Or maybe they know what it is, and just choose, for some reason unknown to me, to not act chivalrous. Which is incredibly annoying, stupid, and maybe just a little bit sad. Because I'm not sure about you other girls out there, but I firmly believe that men should employ chivalry.

Okay, sure, I'm not looking for some guy to lay down his cape over a puddle for me (A, because no one wears capes on a daily basis anymore and B, because if I came across a puddle, I would just go around), but there are still ways for guys to be chivalrous. Which is why I have compiled the following list which, in my opinion, outlines Modern Day Chivalry:

Modern Day Chivalry
When you are sick, he'll come over and make you chicken noodle soup.

When you fall asleep on the couch, he'll cover you up with a blanket

When you are sad, he'll tickle you until you laugh again

When it's your birthday, he'll remember

When you are tired, he'll carry you upstairs to your bedroom

When you cry, he will let you ruin his shirt with salt water, until you're okay again

When you don't want to do anything... physical, he'll respect that

When you call him at one am, crying, he'll drive over and won't leave until you're better again

When you're mad at him, he'll throw pebbles at your window until you come down to talk to him

When it starts raining out, he'll take you in his arms and dance with you, until you're both soaked through

So, yeah, maybe I've been reading to many romance novels. But I still think the idea is sweet and can't wait to find the boy that actually knows that chivalry can get you far when it comes to girls. 

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