Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review: Heist Society

Title: Heist Society
Sequel? Yes, followed by Uncommon Criminals 
Author: Ally Carter
Genres: Thieves, Realistic Fiction, Romance
Age Level: YA (12-18)
Summary: When you're born into a family of thieves, you can never leave the life, even if you tried. That's what Katarina Bishop finds out when her best friend W.W. Hale The Fifth commits a crime, frames her, and so springs her from her prep school. Because her father is in trouble, and she's the only one that might be able to save him.
Five of the most priceless paintings in the world were stolen, and the owner believes that Kat's dad did it. To clear his name and prevent his death, Kat must rely on a group of seven teenage thieves and one butler to rob the art museum with the greatest security in the world: the Henley. Well, so maybe they're not stealing. They're restealing, taking back paintings that no one even knows are there - besides Kat and her crew.
Can this group of teenage thieves manage to rob the Henley, return the paintings to their rightful owners, and save Kat's dad?
That's a Shame (it's over)

Review: If you've read Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series, I would recommend cracking open Heist Society, because this book has it all: the funny mixed with the dramatic, a kick-butt heroine, and just a little bit of romance for good measure. A book that will steal your time away. (Pun intended. Hehe.) I thought there was also some really good, thoughtful things in here that made you think (that was redundant...) : why you do something, what you do it for, if everything really comes down to choice, or sometimes things are required of you.

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