Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quote of the Month - May

So, I love quotes. Ask my friends, my family, anyone who hangs out with me - I love quotes. And every month, I seem to have a new quote that I just cannot stop thinking of. Sometimes they're funny quotes, but most of the time they're fairly inspirational. Which is why I'm doing something called the Quote of the Month. This will be a monthly post with a quote that I love, which is like my mantra for the month. For May, the quote is

"No one can tell you where you alone must go." 
- If No One Will Listen (song) by Kelly Clarkson

My explanation: Essentially, what this is saying is that you can have people supporting you all the way - your friends, your family, the people that love you - but sometimes, you have to go places where they can't follow you. Sometimes you have to journey - either a metaphorical journey within yourself, or an actual, physical journey as well - to find answers to questions that only you have the ability to answer. Here is the song that this quote came from: 


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