Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm back!

After four months or so of being gone, I'm back. Life's been crazy, and I missed not being able to post reviews despite the copious amounts of amazing books I have been reading. So I will be posting my first review in months in a few days. After, you know, I finish the book:

I've started it, and so far it is simply amazing. I'm excited to finish reading it and share my thoughts with you!

Things might be changing around here a little bit, though. These past few months have been devoted to my (fairly newfound) love of writing, and so instead of just book reviews, I will probably be posting writerly activities, thoughts, and problems. I am also planning on posting more on covers and the like. I want to post more of a variety of things in general, really, and so this will no longer be a strictly book review blog as before. However, I promise, everything I do post will be related to the realm of words, books, and reading.

So thank you to those 9 members who have yet to give up on me!


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